Domkal Girls’ College

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About Political Science Department:

Department of Political Science was officially established as a separate discipline in 2014 at Domkal Girls College.  Since its inception in 2011 and till date, this department has produced a bevy of successful students, who are engaged in various professions across the state. The enthusiasm among female students towards this subject has increased over time, although the university admission trend is relatively low, it may be noted that this is a ubiquitous problem which is rampant in all the colleges in semi-urban areas.

 Although political science was not included as an honours subject in the beginning, the Department of Political Science was started as a separate honours course later in 2014.  With the addition of two permanent professors in this department in 2019, and one more in 2023 the department is currently under the supervision of three Assistant Professors and one SACT teacher, the teachers and students of this department have successfully participated in youth parliaments, quizzes, debates and other extra-curricular activities.
Students in this discipline usually come from rural areas.  Some students also hail from semi-urban families.  Most of our students are from socio-economically backward minority families, a substantial section of students belonging to the scheduled caste and scheduled tribe populace also study in the department and most of them are first generation students.  In addition to that, many of them are physically engaged in agriculture for livelihood purposes.  The department organizes remedial care classes for socially backward minority and tribal students and slow learners, the major objective being the obliteration of academic inhibitions among the students and make them academically oriented.

• To undertake teaching, research and extension programs in major branches of Political Science.
• To impart training to the student in order to equip their academic, professional capability & develop among them a fair degree of analytical perspective.
• To encourage research in the socio- political issues to make credible contribution in the discipline of Political Science.
1. We aim to develop a body of scholars well equipped with the knowledge of the discipline and sensitive to the aspirations of Indian society to bring about social transformation, gender justice and public service.
2. To equip students to understand and analyse political and administrative processes at local, national and international level. 
3. To orient students towards value – based democratic politics with a sincere endeavour to create empowered citizens.
Best Practices:
•    Every Year on 25th Jan the Department celebrates the Voter’s day for-
•     The Department Organise 'District Level Mock Parliament Competition & QUIZED COMPETATION'
•    To create awareness among the students.
•    To plant the concept of Democracy amongst the students.
•    To contribute towards the aims of election commission
•    Every year on 26thNov. Department celebrates constitutional Day.
•    To create awareness amongst the student about the fundamental rights and duties. Student Achievements:
•    Our Students participated in Seminars
•    Students contribute in Social activities.
Future Plans:
•    In order to maintain its quality, the department is likely to arrange seminar talks by invited guest speakers regularly.
•    The department is profoundly interested to enrich its own library by increasing the number of books significantly.
•    The department is willing to arrange its next educational excursion to Parliament House, Vidhan Sabha and other places of interest in India.
•    The department is keenly interested to organize national level seminars in collaboration with any other related departments of this college or any other college in the near future.
•    The department has plans to make students aware of sufficient computer knowledge and to get them in touch with the recent trends and developments of the world and thereby preparing them for different competitive examinations.
•    The department will seek the participation of their students in the National Literacy mission. They would try to contribute in creating political awareness among the illiterate masses.
•    To encourage the faculty for minor and major research project work.

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